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Super Easy & Quick Christmas Dessert || Blogmas

Looking for a quick and simple dessert to bring on Christmas Eve or Christmas day? Are you not much of a baker of a cook? Do you still need anymore convincing that you're going to love this dessert? I honestly think that you truly are going to love this dessert because it really is one of the easiest things I have made for the holidays! I promise you're going to be wanting to make this way after Christmas is over! 

♥ always, 

Yields about 15

What You Need:

10oz bag of Chocolate of Your Choice (I choose Dark Chocolate because it's my favorite!)
30 mini Peppermint Candy Canes

What You Do:

Y'all, this is seriously the easiest thing ever! You'll begin by melting your chocolate by either microwaving it or using a double boiler. Which ever way you choose, make sure to consistently check on your chocolate and stir it because you do not want it to burn. Next, pour your melted in a glass with a lip. One I find the best to use is a measuring cup. Now, arrange your mini peppermint candy canes on parchment paper (so it won't stick) in little heart shapes. You can then slowly and very carefully pour your chocolate into the center of your candy cane hearts. The chocolate will stick to all sides of the candy and keep it together. Lastly, top your candies with a small amount of crushed canes, and you're all done! Once you allow the candies to harden (putting them in the fridge will speed up the process), you're good to enjoy them or even take them to a cookie/dessert swap!

See how super quick and easy that was? Now, you have an adorable candy dessert that every one will love! They are amazing to add to your hot chocolate as well. :)

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