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My Snow Day Book List || Blogmas

There is nothing I love more than cuddling up next to a fire in a snuggle-y blanket with a cup of hot coco and a good book! The holidays are pretty much the perfect time to get going on those reading lists we made at the beginning of the year. I know I definitely get a lot of reading done this time of year! Though, if you don't have a crazy long list of "to-read" books or are looking for something new, I have plenty to suggest for you! Grab some hot chocolate and your favorite blanket because you're for sure going to want to read these! :)

1. Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them - JK Rowling 

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you need to read this. You especially need to read it if you've seen the film that goes along with this screen play. It is so much fun to get back in the magical world, but it's a world that is a little bit different than Harry Potter's. It includes a lot of humor, silliness, drama, suspense, and most importantly, magic. I highly recommend this! Plus, it's a quick read, so it's perfect if you only have a short amount of time to squeeze in a book!

2. Burying Water - KA Tucker

I absolutely loved reading this book! If you are into romance, then you will enjoy this just as much as I did. Without giving too much away, it is about a girl who gets in an accident, losing her memory completely. She "meets" a guy who tries to stay away given their history as well as her life before the accident. This book is most certainly a page turner, and you'll never want it to end. However, when you do finish it, be sure to continue the Burying Water series, especially Chasing River (my absolute favorite book) because they just get better and better! 

3. I Heart Christmas - Lindsey Kelk

This book is one of the later ones in the I Heart series, but it is just so perfect to read around Christmas time. Again, it is a romance book, but what goes more perfectly than Christmas and romance? It's fun and silly as well as an easy. If you have read the I Heart series, then you will most definitely enjoy the continued adventures of Alex and Angela!

4. Girl Online, Going Solo - Zoe Sugg

If you are part of the blogger/youtuber world, then you most definitely know all about Zoe and her book series. This is the third of three in the Girl Online series, and if you have loved the first two, then you will feel the same about this one. It is geared a little more towards the YA readers, so it's a very quick and easy read for those few moments you're able to escape and relax!

5. Ten Tiny Breaths - KA Tucker

This story is written by the same author as the second book, and she is most 100% one of my favorites authors. It's another romance story, but nothing like the other two. For a quick synopsis, this book is about a girl and her sister, who lost their parents in a car accident four years prior. She ends up meeting a guy, and yeah - I won't go any further. But if you do read, then be warned that there is a twist I definitely didn't see coming. I promise you will love this as well as the rest of its series too! 

6. The Magnolia Story - Chip and Joanna Gaines

I absolutely love these two, and if you have watched their show, Fixer Upper, then you know exactly why I do. They are so fun, loving, and just relatable. I really enjoyed reading all about their story and getting to know them more on a personal level. It just makes me love them that much more!

I hope my list has helped you find at least one more book to add onto your own list this holiday! Happy reading, and if you have any suggestions, then let me know! :)

♥ always,

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