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How To: Wrap A Gift || Blogmas

Have you ever tried wrapping a gift but failed? Are you the type of person who only uses gift bags? Do you get made fun of for your terrible wrapping? Well, don't you worry because I've got you covered! Here's how you wrap a gift! :)

A good tip when wrapping gifts is finding wrapping paper that has a grid printed on the inside. It will help cutting in straight lines and getting things even much easier!

1. Go ahead and line up your gift so that it is even on either side.

2. Tape the side not still attached to the roll of paper. It keeps the paper from sliding off.

3. Roll your gift until it is completely covered in paper, then you can cut a small cut where the paper begins to over lap on each other. Once you have the little cut, you can unroll the gift and start cutting the paper down to size. 

4. Now, tape down the other side of the paper to your gift.

5. You will then want to pick an end and fold in the sides of the paper. It should create two triangle shapes on the top and bottom like so.

6. Fold down the top then fold up the bottom and tape it closed! Repeat this on the other end as well.

7. Make sure all your corners are creased to give a nice clean look, and you're all done! You just wrapped your own gift! It wasn't so bad was it?

I really hope this helps and makes all your gifts super adorable this Christmas! No one should be making fun of you anymore! :)

♥ always, 

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