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Favorite Christmas Pinterest Posts || Blogmas

I feel as though I don't talk to much about Pinterest and how much I love it here on my little blog! That's a little strange to me because this time of the year is the time I am on it the most. I am constantly scrolling down the Christmas-y pages, looking for ideas for baking, decor, and everything in between. I have actually found a few amazing posts that I think every one needs to see for this Christmas! 

Want me to share? Oh okay, okay - I guess I will since Pinterest can get a little overwhelming sometimes! ;) Don't forget to head on over and follow my Pinterest page as well! 

1. Holiday Prints - I have to to start off by suggesting this post by CastleintheStars because she is someone I have been following on Instagram for awhile (which you should all do as well), and she makes the cutest prints, especially for the holidays! If you go to her Pinterest page, then you can see all the various prints and holiday cards she makes and hopefully want to buy a few for yourself or for adorable Christmas presents! :)

2. DIY Christmas Pillows - I don't know about you, but the only pillows I can seem to find are ones that are wayyy overpriced and frankly - just not worth it. That's where this amazing post comes in handy. If you love doing DIYs, getting crafty, and having adorable pillows, then this post is perfect for you! Plus, what's better than saving money during Christmas?

3. Christmas Cupcake Ideas - I absolutely love baking and it's even hard for me to try and make something new and creative with my baked goods. Thankfully, this post shows you tons of different ways to make your cupcakes (or any baked good) ready for Christmas!

4. Printable Gift Tags - Gift tags always seem to be something I completely forget about until it comes time to figuring out which present goes to which family member. It's such a hassle to have to go out and buy some last minute though. Lucky for us, this post is full of such cute printable tags, and they're all free! All you have to do is print them out, cut them, and you're good to go! Again, what's better than saving money during the holidays?

5. DIY Macaroon Ornaments - This last post made the list because I just think these ornaments are too stinking fabulous! Ornaments are another things that seems to have a cost that adds up very quickly. If there's some kind of DIY I can do for them, then I am all over it!

I really hope this list of my favorite and most useful Christmas Pinterest posts will help you make your holidays that much more festive! Let me know of any posts you'd like to share as well! Can you believe we're already half way to Christmas?!

♥ always,

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