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DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas || Blogmas

Here are a few my favorite DIY ideas for wrapping any sort of gift this year! I hope it helps! Also, if you haven't checked it out already, then be sure to look at yesterday's post, showing the easiest and most basic way to wrap a gift! 

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1. For this first idea, grab your gift, a sharpie, and your favorite cookie cutter(s)! Place the cookie cutter(s) down where you want them on the gift and trace along the outside. Decorate the rest how you'd like, and you're all done!

2. Instead of having the same ole name tags, I decided to do photos to know which gift goes to which person! All you need is your gift, some string/twine/raffia, and your favorite photo of you and the person. You could do a Polaroid or just print out the picture like I did. Next, string the picture on what you choice of string/twine/raffia and tie it around the gift. All done!

3. This idea is great for when you have extra wrapping paper that you don't want to throw away. Just grab the scraps of wrapping paper, some scraps of regular paper of your choice and stack them on top of each other. I choose to use plain white paper, so it would pop against the brown paper, and I can also write something on top. Now, string some string/twine/raffie through the top of your paper and you're done!

4. This idea is so darn adorable and works best with your cute tiny gifts! Grab your gift, draw a little car on your gift, get some little fake Christmas trees, and pick some string/twine/raffia. All you have to do now is tie your Christmas trees to the top of your "car," and now you have the best gift ever! Be prepared for a lot of praise over this one! :)

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