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Christmas "Hacks" || Blogmas

As a child, Christmas is very much just a care free time. You have holiday parties at school, you hang out with your friends/family, you eat yummy food, and you're the one getting most of the gifts. However, as we get older, the tables begin to turn. We become the ones throwing the parties, making the food, and buying the gifts for everyone else. It unfortunately starts being a very stressful time...until now! Over the past few years, I have definitely been looking into ways to make the holidays and Christmas a much less stressful event! These are what I like to call Christmas "Hacks" to help you get through the holidays and actually be able to enjoy them - just like you did when you were a child! :)

1. You don't have to wait until a week before Christmas to buy gifts for others. I honestly start buying them in November, sometimes earlier, just to spread out my money spending and not allow myself to get in a tizzle if I can't find something right away. Plus, if you shop earlier, then you don't have to deal with the huge Christmas crowds!

2. As soon as you buy a gift for someone, wrap it! Go ahead and write down or make a key as to which gifts goes to who, then wrap it up. Doing this will save you the all nighter you'd have to pull on Christmas Eve to wrap all your gifts. Would you rather spend a few moments a day wrapping or a lot of hours all in one night?

3. Don't have enough spending money for decor and gifts? Just add twinkle lights! You can buy twinkle/Christmas/fairy lights practically anywhere, especially at this time of year, for a pretty good price. Amazon is a great price for even cheaper lights. Adding these lights will give any room a warm cozy Christmas feel, and you don't even need to go over board with the decor or the money! If you want just a tad bit extra, go for some festive candles as well. 

4. I know some gifts just don't want to be wrapped in traditional wrapping paper and don't quite fill out a whole gift bag. But fear not, because there are so many things you can put a gift in, even things that you already have in your home - another money saver! You can use a toilet paper roll or even a Pringles can - check out this pinterest post for more ideas!

5. Not a baker? No problem! Just because you're the chosen one to bring the dessert to the holiday party does not mean you have to be an expert baker. Sugar cookies (even store bought dough) are perfect and you can make them super cute with your own designs. Rice Krispie treats are also a super simple dessert that everyone seems to love. You could even make some box brownies, cut them into triangles, cover them in green icing as well as some sprinkles, and you have adorable brownie Christmas trees!

6. When Christmas starts to come to a close and it's time to put up all the decor, it can be hard to find places for the breakable ornaments. A really good way to store them is to separate each into various red solo cups (or something similar) and begin making layers of solo cups in your storage bins. Also, you could have the same idea and place your ornaments in egg cartons. I believe if those are good enough to keep eggs safe, then your ornaments will be in good hands as well!

I hope these tips help make your Holiday just a bit easier and a lot more fun! If you would like more tips and hacks, I definitely have a few more up my sleeve, so be sure to let me know. I'd love to make another post if y'all would like. :)

♥ always,

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