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Best of Tickled Greene || 2016

Can you honestly believe that 2017 is almost here?! I certainly can't! 2016 has been quite the year as well, especially here on Tickled Greene. There are so many different moments, posts, and photos that I love so much, and I actually think it'd be kind of fun to take a look back at them! What do you think? You agree? Perfect because here are some best bits of Tickled Greene! :)

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1. I have to start this list off with my blog's SECOND BIRTHDAY! It is still crazy to me how I have already been blogging for two, almost three, years. It has been so much fun, and something I absolutely love being a part of. I definitely plan on continuing this cute little blog for as long as possible!

2. My next favorite is PART ONE and PART TWO of my Spring Break Vacation to Charleston, SC! This was the first time I visited Charleston with my family and boyfriend, and I couldn't have had a better time. The city is seriously so beautiful and full of so much history. I've already been back for a second time in August, and I would most certainly be up for another trip soon!

3. Number three has to go to my 22nd BIRTHDAY post! I absolutely loved the photos I did for this post. Plus, coming up with the 22 things I learned was lots of fun! It was different than the normal "things I learned in..." posts, and I was proud of it!

4. The fourth post I really loved is HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS PHOTO SHOOT, which is a post I did for my niece's seventh birthday. It was the first time I really did something focused purely on photography. I have been wanting to spread my wings in the photography world, and I was so excited to do it. To say I'm proud of how the photos turned out would be an understatement!

5. The next one goes to the LETTER TO 18 YEAR OLD ME post! I always find these types of posts interesting to read as well as write. I did one to 16 year old me last year, so I decided to do one to 18 year old me. I think it's a good way to reflect on the time that passed and see just how much things have changed!

6. I absolutely love the post about my TRIP TO UNIVERSAL AND HP WORLD! This trip is one of my all time favorites, and I always find myself looking back on the photos because it was just so much fun. The memories I made on that trip are some I'll never forget. I definitely want to go back as soon as possible!

7. The last post I think is one of my best is DIY WRAPPING IDEAS because I was really proud of just how adorable the ideas turned out. I'm a sucker for anything DIY and anything Christmas, so to combine the two in one post makes it one of my favs!

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