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6 Ways to Distress and Unwind!

As we get older, I feel as though life just gets even more stressful. Bills, school, jobs, kids, etc cause our bodies to become overloaded and sometimes shut down. That is why we need to make sure we all take some time out of our days to relax, unwind, and allow our bodies to rest and recharge. There are actually so many different ways you could accomplish this goal, but I have come up with a few of my favorite ways! I hope this helps give you some ideas as how you might like to distress and unwind! :)

1. Take a Walk - Taking a walk, especially by yourself, allows you to have a moment to catch your breath and clear your mind. Sometimes stress is just built up because you feel as though you're always going, going, going, but taking a walk gives you the opportunity to stop everything around you and take time for you and only you.

2. Read a Book - Reading a book gives you a chance to sit in a comfy spot, grab a hot drink, and escape into a new world. You become involved with the characters and their lives, leaving your stressful one behind!

3. Run a Bubble Bath - If you have never taken a trip to Lush and grabbed yourself a bathbomb or bubble bar, then you are so missing out. I think those little guys have magical powers because they instantly create a relaxing atmosphere. Also, if you add calming music that can easily be found on YouTube and light a few tea light candles, then you will be stress free in no time.

4. Color - I am a huge advocate for adult coloring books! Whenever I feel as though things are getting out of hand, I take out my nice coloring pencils, markers, and one of my coloring books. It allows your mind to focus on being creative and creating a picture rather than putting all your attention on the stress causing factors in life.

5. Listen to Music - I cannot tell you how many times I have just been overloaded with school work and just stopped, grabbed my headphones, and got lost in the music world. Putting your focus on either the lyrics or the music and even dancing around gives you a chance to have fun and enjoy something you love!

6. Journal - A lot of the times, adults associate journaling with keeping a diary like a little girl, but it's more than writing down who you have a crush on that day. Writing in a journal could be your way of writing out everything that has been frustrating you or making you stressed. You could write a song or a story. Sometimes, once you get everything out in the open, you feel much better!

Okay, there are my six top ways I tend to find to be the best when trying to distress and unwind! Happy relaxing! :)

♥ always,

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