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Top Autumn Fashion Essentials!


I have been shopping for Autumn for what seems like since July! I just get so excited for this time of year as far as fashion goes, especially now that I decided to go a little out of my comfort zone to buy some new items. It's actually been a lot of fun shopping and filling up my closet with some new stuff. To be honest, I gave away tons of items either to Goodwill or to a family member, so I was definitely needing some new clothes! 

All right, enough with the intro - here's all the essentials I think every girl needs in their closet this Autumn!

Where From? Forever 21
How Much? $27.90

I tried looking for one of these dark army green jackets for as long as I can remember, but they went fast last year! This item is actually one of the main reasons I started shopping so early because I wanted to make sure I got one this year and was able to enjoy it all season. I love this jacket though due to how versatile it is since it's a neutral color, so it goes with everything you can think of! Pink, Maroon, Navy, Black - it goes with it all! 

Where From? Forever 21
How Much? On sale for $12

I was very excited to receive this in the mail when I ordered it! The rosy blush color is too gorgeous, and it's so comfy due to being over-sized. It is also a sweater that is heavy enough for a cooler day, but it isn't so heavy that you're sweating all day long. 

Where From? Old Navy
How Much? One sale for about $16

This scarf has to be one of my favorite things I have gotten so far! I really wanted to get an over-sized scarf with a little bit of fringe at the bottom as well as the color maroon. It is very easy to say that this item checked all the boxes! I seriously can't wait for cooler weather so I can finally wear it!

Where From? Target
How Much? I forget, but I know they were less than $30.

I actually bought these booties last year, but they have seemed to be coming back strong this season! If you don't have a pair of booties, then you are definitely missing out! With these, I just love how neutral they are, so they can go with any outfit, as well as the little heel they have. It's just high enough to dress up an outfit, but not too high that your feet hurt at the end of the day! They're amazing!

Where From? Forever 21
How Much? $27.90

Bomber jackets seem to be another item that are making a huge come back this Autumn! I really love this one though because of the color. I have found a definite love for this dark maroon color this year. It is so pretty, and regardless of it being a jewel tone, it has proven to go with a lot of my clothes I already have in my closet!

Yeay! That's my list! I hope this has either inspired you to find some items similar or to go out and buy these! I love them all, so if you happen to get the same, I can say that you won't regret it! :)

♥ always,

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