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"Mrs. Always-Right" Essie Nail Polish || Review


 Hey everyone! So yesterday, I was strolling through Target (as one does) and decided to take a look into the beauty section. I really didn't have any specific reason as to why I was looking or had anything in mind to buy. I was just taking a peek. That's when I hit the nail polish section!

I'm not necessarily the type to buy Essie nail polishes just because of the price ($8.99), but I like to treat myself sometimes. Since I had just written two essays, I figured it was a good time to treat myself. I may have also made up that excuse just so I could buy this color because oh my goodness - is it not beautiful? 

In the fall time, I try to choose colors that are more neutral toned or even jewel toned, such as a dark purple, navy, a bluish gray, darker pinks. When I saw this color, Mrs Always-Right, it definitely hit the mark with me! It's is such a pretty pinky- creamy pomegranate that is perfect for the Autumn season. Also, because it is a darker color, only one coat would work fine if you're in a rush, but two works even better. Essie colors tend to dry fast as well and are never tacky when painting them on.

All in all, if you are looking for a new Autumn color to try on your nails, I would high suggest this as your choice! :)

♥ always,

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