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Meet Our New Puppy!

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope it's okay that I don't have a fall/autumn themed post for today. Since it's Sunday, I kind of got tied up in some family time and didn't have the opportunity to plan a different post. But hey, that doesn't mean I didn't want to not put up anything! Because of that, I decided to share with y'all the new little member of our family!

This is our new Pomeranian puppy! His name is Boomer, and he is only eight weeks old. Regardless of being so little, he is fearless and willing to try anything. Our older husky is no match for this little nugget. He loves to eat and get in everyone else's food. His favorite toy to play with is a squeaky ghost toy because he loves things than squeak. You can always catch his attention with one of those! Leaves are another favorite of his, and you can always catch him playing with the leaves no matter how many times he tell him to come back inside. When he isn't playing or getting in trouble, he's snuggled up next to his dog toy and taking a nap, which seems to be most of the day! 

With two dogs already in the house, it's fun to have a new little pup around and watch him grow up like the others. So far Boomer's brother and sister have taken a liking to him, and I can only see their relationship getting stronger from there! :)

Also, there are a lot more pictures where this one came from! f you're interested in seeing Boomer get up to his crazy antics, then be sure to follow me on either Twitter or Instagram (@_kelseygreene). Plus, I'm sure my twitter will be filled with lots of stories about this one!

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend, y'all, and come back tomorrow for a brand new post! 

♥ always,

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