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Halloween Eyeball Donut Holes || Recipe

I'm sorry I have been posting so many recipes, it's just this time of year! Starting around Halloween and ending at about Valentine's day, I bake my little tail off and always find new recipes to try out. So far this baking season, I've already done so many cupcakes, including the S'mores cupcakes! This recipe is one I have made for the Halloween party I'm going to this weekend. It's a take on the cake pops that seem to be going around, but it's ten times easier! Enjoy! 

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What You Need:

2 4oz bars of White Baking Chocolate 
About a dozen Donut Holes (I chose Pumpkin flavored)
Forks (I found mini ones at the dollar store)
Black and Red Food Coloring Gel

What You Do:

1. Start by getting a double boiler going. You could melt the chocolate in the microwave, but I find you have more control over it when doing a double boiler. 

2. Once the chocolate is melted, grab and fork and start dipping your donut holes into it. Using a fork will allow the excess chocolate to drip off and create an even coat. 

3. Be sure to place the chocolate coated donut hole onto parchment paper so it won't stick when it dries. This will be the best time to put the fork in your donut holes so the chocolate can harden around the fork and they won't fall off. Also, if you're wanting to make these close to party time, sticking the donut holes in the freezer helps it harden much faster. 

4. Once the chocolate has dried, you get to do the fun part! Grab your food coloring gel and M&Ms because it's time to decorate! I used a little dot of coloring gel to help the M&M stick onto the chocolate. Then use the black to create a little dot in the middle of the M&M to make the pupil, and use the red to create red veins around the M&M. 

5. You now have creepy Halloween Eyeball Donut Holes! Trust me when I say they are super yummy! :)

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