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Halloween Costume Ideas || Group

I already did a post on Girly Costumes, so it's only right that I do one for Group Costumes! Hope this helps you find the perfect one for this Halloween! :) 

Shark Week - Get 7 plain t-shirts with the days of the week and some "blood" splatter on each, then add a shark costume!

The Voice Judges - There are many judges to choose from, but there has to be at least an Adam and Blake in your group! 

Friends Cast - Who's the Rachel and Ross in the group? ;)

Pretty Little Liars Cast - Each of the girls all have a very unique style, and there's something for everyone! Make sure to have a black hooded A though!

Harry Potter Crew - Harry Potter has made such a comeback this year with the new book/play that came out! You can either be the main three or even add some of the other not known characters!

Troll Dolls - Now, I don't mean those creepy naked things with a jewel belly button. I mean the cute ones from the new movie coming out!

Different Barbie Dolls - Barbie has seriously been everything over the very many years, so there is a lot to choose from. And you definitely do not have to be blonde either!

Social Medias - We all know how much we love our social medias, and it's so simple to dress up in the certain color of the app and add the logo on top!

The Final Five Girls - If you didn't watch the Gymnastics during the Olympics, then you most likely have no idea who these girls are. If you did watch it, then you know exactly how crazy amazing these girls are! 

Stranger Things Kids - I never actually watched this show (and don't really plan on it), but I think this would be fun if you and your friends are part of the world that binged watched all the episodes!

The Chanels - These girls from the show Scream Queens are everything! Just grab lots of pink and attitude, and you're now a Chanel! 

Happy almost Halloween, everyone!

♥ always,

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