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Halloween Costume Ideas || Girly

So we are getting closer and closer to it being Halloween! Do you know what you're going to be yet? I honestly haven't even thought about it (but I probably should, right?). There are just so many options out there. It's almost crazy what all people can come up with these days! Lucky for you, if you aren't quite liking any ideas you've seen lately, then I have a few that just might catch your attention! :)

Your favorite book character - it's fun to see what you envision the characters looking like.

Someone/thing from a popular ad/commercial.

An old school video game character - peach and daisy, anyone? 

A Snapchat filter - there are so many cute ones, and they are so easy to do since it's just makeup!

A Pokemon - and I don't mean the typical pikachu! Try to pick a not so common one.

A cactus - this may sound really weird, but I have seen some really adorable ways to do this!

Unicorn - because who doesn't love pastel colors mixed with a whole bunch of glitter!?

A 90's girl - there is nothing wrong with bringing back the good ole 90s for one night!

Dancing Fiesta Emoji - everyone loves her, and you can't deny it!

A social media - try doing twitter, snapchat, or even instagram!

Hope these have spurred an idea for an awesome costume!

♥ always,

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