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Fall in Love with these Autumn Candles!

Y'all - It is officially Fall, and that only means one thing! Lots and lots of Autumn candles! I have been buying these candles since the end of August to prepare for when I can finally put them out and light them. My room has been smelling like a fall haven for a couple weeks now! I absolutely love it!

Now, you may be wondering which candles have been blessed with my love! Well....

My first favorite candle is this one from Bath and Body Works called Sweater Weather! Many people believe that the candles Autumn or Leaves smell like fall in a jar, but I will most definitely have to disagree. Ladies (and gentlemen) this candle is literally this glorious season melted down and put into a candle. When I smell this, I can't help but think of a nice, sunny crisp day with a nice breeze and leaves covering the ground. Pretty much fantasize what your perfect fall day is and that is what this candle is! :)

Another Bath and Body Works candle I really enjoy is my newest addition to my collection, and it's called Berry Pumpkin Strudel. I'm a sucker for another pumpkin, but sometimes it can either be too much cinnamon or too sweet. This candle is anything but! I don't know how they did it, but this candle has the slight sweet smell of blueberries mixed with pumpkin spice. Neither of the smells is very overpowering, and creates a very nice mix to fill your space. Also, if you want to trick your house guests into thinking you've just finished slaving away making the most delish dessert, then this is the candle for you! 

This next candle is actually from TJMaxx (so it's much cheaper) and is by the brand Scentsational. One thing I love about this candle is that it's in fact an all natural soy candle, which is awesome. The "flavor" of it is Pumpkin Mocha. Again, this doesn't have the strong scent of pumpkin or cinnamon that I can find somewhat off-putting. It actually smells like you just made a nice cup of mocha coffee with a hint of pumpkin spice and the aroma has filled the room! I like to burn this one in the morning while I'm having an actual cup of coffee before having to get my day started. It is also really nice to burn at night while settling for the evening. 

I tried to choose candles that appealed to all types of people, so hopefully you found one that sounds good to you! Also, I hope you have a fabulous start to fall and enjoy all that comes with it! :)

♥ always,

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