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Autumn Infused Water!


Are you like me and never seem to drink enough water in the day? Because for whatever reason, I only find myself drinking water when I've become thirsty, which means that my body is already dehydrated. It has become probably one of my worst habits, and I have tried everything to fix it!

Recently, during the summer time, I actually started to drink fruit infused water that I have seen become very popular! I would put various fruits such as strawberries, watermelon, and cucumbers in my water to help give it a little somethin' somethin' to make it more appealing. Although, I have run into a slight problem now that the season is changing from Summer to Autumn, and that means the fruits are changing as well and I had to figure out some way to continue my fruit infused water.

Thankfully, I was scrolling down pinterest, and happen to come across this "autumn infused" water, and a smile instantly spread across my face! I have taken that idea/recipe and tried out a few different combinations. This is the one that I definitely like the best!

What You Need:

1 sliced Apple
1 sliced Pear
1 sliced Plum
A pitcher of Water

Allow your fruit to infuse through the water, then pour yourself a glass and enjoy! I hope this helps you drink more water throughout the colder seasons while still enjoying the fruity flavors!

♥ always,

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