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5 TV Shows I'm Loving This Fall || TV Talk

I don't know about you, but I think Fall TV shows are the best shows! I feel as if all the great shows either start up again for another season or premier their first episode during the Fall season, and it's amazing. As I'm typing this, my TIVO is filled to the brim with shows I need to catch up on because there is just so much to watch. Now, you may be wondering what shows make the cut as some of my favorites. Well, let me tell yah! :)

1. I have to get the number one spot to my all time favorite show that has just started back up again a couple weeks ago - "The Big Bang Theory!" I can one hundred percent admit that this show is my definite favorite. I have seen every episode more than once, each time getting funnier than the last, and I just love everyone in it. If you have ever thought about trying out this show but push it aside because you're not into "science-y" stuff, I say just go for it! I think you might surprise yourself on how much you laugh in the span of only thirty minutes!

2. Another favorite of mine is "Modern Family!" I have been watching this show since the very beginning and love it just as much! Each episode is so funny, relatable, and pure joy to watch. I honestly think it's gotten even better now that the kids are getting so much older!

3. The third show I've been loving since it just started it's next season is "Younger!" This is a newer show that is on it's second or third season, and I have been really into it. You're watching from the beginning, it can be a little slow, but once you get further along into it, then I can guarantee you'll love it just as much as I do!

4. The next spot goes to "Dance Moms!" I can genuinely say that I'm not sure why I watch this show still, but I have been watching since it first started and can't get myself to watch. There is just something so addicting about this show with all the drama and what not. If you're looking for a new guilty pleasure, I say check this out!

5. I'm not sure if I can count this next one as a show since it doesn't actually air in the US (I watch it on YouTube), but it's X Factor UK! I am such a sucker for competition singing shows, but the ones that air in America are dull to me, so I have found a new love for this one. The judges are fun, the competition is fun, and like I said, I love a good singing show! 

6. As a bonus, I'm throwing in a show that hasn't quite aired yet, and it's "Happily Ever After" with Bachelor's Ben and Lauren. I'm not necessarily a fan of Lauren, but I loved watching Ben on the Bachelor. I kind of want to check out the show for that reason, and just out of curiosity of how the couple is actually getting along! I have a feeling it'll be interesting! 

And there's my list! What are you watching this Fall?

♥ always,

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