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10 Things I Love About Autumn!

Happy Monday! As you read that, most of you were probably thinking that I'm crazy because there's no such thing as a happy Monday. Well, I'm going to turn that around! I'm going to be sharing some positive light onto this wonderful Monday morning and share with you some of my favorite things about Autumn! To make this an even more positive space, I think each of you should do the same! :)

1. I'll start out this list by saying I absolutely love the weather at this time! Here in the south, it has been hot all summer long (like I'm talking upper nineties hot), and it's so nice to finally have it cooling down. It's been sunny and in seventies lately with a perfect breeze. Oh my goodness - has it been amazing!

2. The colors! I live in a place where the leaves all change into either a gorgeous shade of orange, red, or yellow, and it makes for such an amazing scene!

3. Pumpkins! I seriously love everything about pumpkins - carving pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin patches, and even pumpkin spice everything! I feel as though pumpkins are only appropriate for such a short time, so I like to make the most of it when I can! 

4. Hot chocolate! I swear I drink hot chocolate all year round, even when it is ninety something degrees outside. I just love it so much though! Thankfully, when I look less crazy drinking it when it's finally getting cooler out. At this point, I honestly think I have had a hot chocolate at least once every other day if not every day! Oops. :)

5. The TV shows! If you have not read of my most recent posts talking about my favorite fall television shows, then you probably don't realize just how much I am loving the TV this season. There are so many new shows as well as some of my favorites starting their new seasons. Let's just say my TIVO is working overdrive right now! hah 

6. Layers and fashion! Autumn fashion is seriously some of my fav. I am such a sucker for layers, scarves, boots - everything! I was starting to shop for fall clothing back in July just because I'm so excited for it!

7. The festivals! I. love. festivals! There I said. I'm one of those people! They are actually a lot of fun, okay? I especially love one of the arts and crafts festivals that is held here in our city because it's the first one of the season and pretty much indicates the start of Autumn!

8. Blankets! Is that a weird thing to say? I mean, the weather is finally cold enough to enjoy wrapping up in a blanket and snuggling. When it's hot as anything, that is the last thing you want to do! But not in Autumn!

9. Decor! Autumn decor is always some of my favs because it makes the house look so comfy cozy. With candles (omg I'm addicted to autumn candles), fairy lights, and so much more, our house always looks and smells so inviting!

10. It's almost Christmas! I don't know about you, but as soon as October starts, I'm already thinking about Christmas! Yes, I'm one of those people, but I can't help it. I just love this time of year so much! :)

Well, there's my list! I can't wait to see yours!

♥ always,

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