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Helpful Study Tips!

Hey everyone!

So do you have any tests, quizzes, or essays coming up soon? Did you know that there are so many different ways to help you study now a days? Well, if you didn't, then let me help you out with that!

1. First of all, we need a way to actually help us to remember to study. That's where our handy-dandy planner comes in! I love to write everything out in my planner using colored pens and lots of stickers. That way it doesn't become a chore in itself, but a fun little art project to do every week!

2. Now, a way to keep all the information you just learned in class fresh is to use flashcards. Making various flashcards and studying them along the way up until your test or quiz will help keep the information fresh! Plus, it's great for remembering names, dates, and study guide questions.

3. While studying, try to keep your cellphone on airplane mode and don't turn the wifi connection back on! If you are disconnected from social media and aren't distracted with constant buzzing, dings, or pings, then you can keep your focus strictly on your notes.

4. Write out your notes then rewrite them! Physically writing out the words and writing them over again allows you to retain information better. Plus, you have the opportunity to organize the information to how it makes sense to you when studying!

5. Study and do homework while sitting up straight and at a desk/table. If you find yourself in bed or on the couch, then you are going to want to rest and take a nap! There's no room for napping when studying! So take a seat at your desk or the kitchen table and start studying!

Bonus tip: 6. Peppermint! Peppermint candies, gum, or essential oil will help you remember information as well. Now, I don't know all the scientific details behind it, but just trust me! 

Hope this helps and you get nothing but straight As!

♥ always,

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