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Essential Baking Tips!

If y'all have been reading my blog for awhile now, then you should know that I love to bake! Whether it's cookies, cake, or brownies, I love baking and sharing with my friends and family. To me it's very relaxing and fun, plus, I get a sweet treat when I'm done! Because I love to bake so much, I do take the time to learn about different tips and tricks to use to make things just a little bit easier. I have learned things from my mom, baking shows on Food Network, and various cookbooks, and I thought I'd share all those things with y'all! :) 

Now, here are some helpful tricks you might want to use next time you decide to bake!

1. Line your pan with parchment paper! 
This is something I recently started doing, and I wish I would have learned about it a lot earlier! Lining your cake or brownie pan with parchment paper allows your baked goods to just slide right out without sticking. I no longer ever feel like I have to re-bake something due to losing half the dessert to the pan!

2. Always preheat!
Honestly, this just saves you a lot of time! If you wait until you're done mixing your ingredients to turn on your oven, then you unfortunately waste time. I used to think you could just stick in your dessert in the oven while it preheats, but I learned that doing that ends up drying out your food. That's something you never want to happen! 

3. Always follow the recipe!
Baking is a science, and each measurement of an ingredient is specific to the dessert! You never want to just wing it, throwing in all kinds of ingredients. What comes out in the end will definitely not be what you were hoping for!

4. Pay attention to expiration dates!
One item that I never seem to pay attention to the expiration date on is the baking powder. It's an ingredient that is called for in almost most baked goods because it helps the dessert rise. Although, if your baking power is passed it's date, it's still technically "good," but your dessert will no longer have the ability to rise like it should!

5. Is it done? Use a toothpick!
This trick is one I've known of since I first started baking way back when. It's one of the best and easiest ways to make sure your dessert (i.e cakes, brownies, cupcakes) is ready. All you have to do is poke a toothpick right in the middle, and if it comes out clean, then you're good to go! 

6. Cooling racks are a must! 
I used to never use a cooling rack until I learned that it's one of the best ways to cool off your dessert. It allows the whole dessert to cool off evenly. Plus, if you keep your dessert in the pan it was cooked in, then it will continue to cook as it sits! 

All right, there are my top six tips and tricks for baking! I'm sure there's lots more, so if you have one that I didn't mention above, then definitely comment it down below! I'd love to know! :) 

♥ always,

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