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A New Chapter || Adding Short Stories to my Blog

Hey everyone! 

This post is more of an announcement type post for something new on the blog. I have been thinking about it for a little bit, and I finally decided that I'm just going to go for it!

Starting now, there will be a new little section to my blog for my writing, mostly short stories. I have such a passion for writing fictional stories but never seem to have a place to put them. Nine times out of ten, they just sit in my computer, and it kind of sucks to have a love for something then not be able to share it with anyone. 

I know most blogs are devoted to make-up reviews, travel photos, and/or tips and tricks for something because that's what people like to read. And that's okay. This blog is still going to include all of those things as well, but I really want to have space for my writing too. Tickled Greene is my own little space to share my life and what I love. So why not share one of my biggest passions with y'all? 

Posting short stories won't be an every day thing either. Maybe not even an every week thing. I will just be posting when I have something I'm proud of and am willing to share. :) 

I do hope this new addition to Tickled Greene is okay and is the start of a fun new chapter (pun intended)!  I know I'm excited about it, and if you are to, there will be a page link at the top of my blog where all the stories will be located. Feel free to comment what you like and
dislike, what you'd change, or just a plain ole smiley face! :) I just really want to get my voice out into the world and share with y'all something I love so much!

♥ always,

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