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What You Can Learn From Your Dog!

Practically every morning, I spend time outside either reading, enjoying a cup of coffee, or just thinking about my upcoming day. The best part is that I usually have my cute little pup hanging out with me as well! I can't tell you how entertaining he is - if you own or have ever owned a Pomeranian, then you know fun they are to watch. One morning I was actually watching him chase around butterflies and noticed just how happy he seemed doing so. I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be a little puppy. Oddly, that's what lead me to this post because the more I thought about it, then more I realized we can be like our little puppies! 

Here are the different things you could learn from your little fur baby that could help you live life just like them!

1. Enjoy every thing no how big or little!
A dog is happy receiving a huge new toy or simply having its owner come home. It really shows that we need to enjoy every moment and thing we are blessed with everyday.

2. Play whenever you have a chance!
Life isn't supposed to be stressful! If you have the opportunity to play out in the sun, then take it. A dog never says that it has something better to do or it has deadlines to meet. They simply go out and have fun!

3. Discover new things!
I cannot tell you how many times my little pup has wondered off because he's found something that has caught his attention. Sometimes it's just a flower and other times it's not as positive, but he took the chance. We need to fill our days with more risk taking because that is where the true adventure comes from. Plus, you never know what you'll find!

4. Don't be scared to make new friends!
Dogs are pretty much known to always go up to meet new dogs and people. Why can't we be the same? It never hurts to introduce yourself to someone new because that person could possibly become your best friend for the rest of your life!

5. Go after the things you want!
There has never been a time when I threw one of my puppy's toys and he's never gone after it! When he wants something, he goes for it! We need to do the same! We can't let anything get in the way of our wants and dreams. We have to go after it and never stop until we get what we want!

6. Enjoy eating food!
What dog has ever given up the opportunity to eat?! None! They see food and enjoy what they are given. They don't see food as a chore or something they have to do. We need to start seeing food as something to have fun with and actually enjoying eating again!

7. Take time to rest!
As I'm typing this, my pup is sleeping next to me. When they see the need to take a nap, they take one! The don't let the stress of the day or the ever growing to-do list ruin their time to rest. We should all do the same. When our bodies are tired, we have to listen and let it rest!

8. Be yourself and have fun doing it!
A dog is what it is! No one can tell it to be anything else, and I think if we take anything from our little doggies, then it should be this! We don't need anyone telling us how to live or what we should/shouldn't be doing. We all just need to be us and have fun living life to the fullest! :)

See? This post wasn't as weird as you may have thought when you first read the title! We really can learn something from our fur babies! They're smarter then we may have thought they are! :)

♥ always,

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