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Top Bachelorette Picks || TV Talk

Okay, so here we go again! The newest season of Bachelorette has started, and I hate to admit that I'm very into it. 

After watching Ben on Bachelor last season, I was definitely excited to see Jojo as the bachelorette because she was, in fact, my favorite pick to begin with! Now, since there has been a few episodes aired in the past few weeks, I think it's time to go over some of my top guy picks for the season. I kind of like doing this to see if any of y'all agree, as well as having it as something to look back on as the season progresses! 

All right, I'll stop talking about get right into it! In no particular order, here are my top picks as of episode three! 

1. Chase - At first, I thought he was super cute, but after their one on one date, I love him even more! He's just so sweet and caring towards Jojo, and there is totally a lot of chemistry between them! He just seems like a good ole boy who will love her with everything.  

2. James T. - Okay, now how adorable is he? He sings and plays guitar! What more could Jojo want?! He, too, is so sweet towards her, and I could just see them having fun together in the future!

3. Jordan - Jojo obviously has a thing for this guy, and I don't blame her! He's cute, kind, and clearly athletic! From night one, they seemed to have a little something something between the two of them! I can definitely seem him getting far into the show. 

4. Luke - This guy seriously has the kindest heart, and you can just tell whoever he's going to end up with is going to be cared for one hundred percent! I'm actually watching their one on one as I type this, and it's easy to see how much Jojo is liking him. He could potentially go far as well! 

There are definitely a lot of good guys this season, but those are my top four! Now, do you agree with any of them or have any other favorites? Let me know! 

♥ always,

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