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I'm Feeling 22!

Oh my goodness. I know this post is so late considering my birthday was on April, 29th, and I'm currently writing this on May 5th! I still wanted to post something though because I've always posted a little something something for my birthday. :) 

Anywaaaaaays, for this post - I just wanted to do something a kind of light-hearted and funny! A lot of times bloggers will do posts that are sentimental or deep and emotional, so I decided to be a little different! Because I turned 22, these are 22 "rules of life" I've learned in 22 years!

Here we go -

1. If your dog jumps in bed with you, then it's a must to have a morning snuggle session!

2. When eating Oreos, always take at least two - one to eat normally and one to twist and enjoy! 

3. Be sure to take some "me time" whenever you can!

4. There is always time to bake! 

5. No matter how old you get, it's always acceptable to play with chalk and bubbles!

6. Make sure to take the time to print out pictures. There's no point to leave them trapped in the digital world!

7. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't watch reality TV - because we all know we have our guilty pleasures!

8. Go out and enjoy the sunshine!

9. It's okay to spoil yourself sometimes!

10. Bacon really does make everything better!

11. Smile!

12. If there's a candle sale at Bath and Body Works, then you just have to buy one!

13. Go ahead and buy yourself flowers!

14. Lush-filled baths are always better than a normal bath!

15. Never sneeze while doing your mascara!

16. A can of frosting can be considered a perfect midnight snack!

17. You can never have too many throw pillows or blankets!

18. Take some time to just sit, color, and relax!

19. "No makeup days" are a must every once in a while!

20. Stop and take a look around because the beauty of nature will surprise you!

21. Saying "please" and "thank you" gets you farther than you think!

22. Always do what makes YOU happy! :) 

Hope you enjoyed this and have a fabulous rest of your day! 

♥ always,

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