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Spring Break 2016 Part One || Charleston, SC

For Spring Break this year, my family and I all decided to take a trip to South Carolina! We visited both Charleston and Folly Beach. Both are so gorgeous in very different ways, and I took way more pictures than I probably should have! Because I have so many, I decided I am going to split the trip pictures into two separate posts. This one will be all about Charleston, then you'll have to stay tuned for Folly Beach! I hope you enjoy and stick around for part two! :)

♥ always,

 rainbow row.

 my pup being the model he is.

 the coolest pineapple fountain ever.

 the street I need to live on.

 pictures don't do Angel Oak justice.

 houses here are beyond beautiful.

 someone's casual garden.

 i wish my door was gorgeous as this.

 how colorful is this home?!

 the family decided to take an amazing carriage ride around the city.

 a very beautiful church.

 looove the rod iron.

 george washington and robert e lee went to this church.

 i just love doors.

 how cute are the shutters on this home?!

 fort sumter

  the city wants to preserve as much history as possible that they rebuilt the wall as the tree grew.

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