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The Bachelor Finale || TV Talk

All right, so I have a lot I want to say, but I am going to try my best at keeping this short and sweet! If I don't, then this post could be the longest ramble post ever! Also, if you have not yet watched the finale of The Bachelor when Ben finally chooses who he wants, then don't read this yet! :)

I do have to say this first - I seriously have never been this into The Bachelor or Bachelorette ever before! This is the first season I've watched all the way through and enjoyed it because of Ben. So if you are on the fence about watching it, I say go for it! I really did enjoy watching it - well until the end!

Now - oh gosh - how do I put this the nicest way? I guess I'll just say that I don't like Lauren - I just don't. If you read my first post where I talked about the show and who I wanted to get to the final two, then you know I really did like Lauren as well as Jojo in the beginning. The more the show went on, though, I started to like her less and Jojo much more! Yes, Lauren and Ben had/has a lot of chemistry and you could tell he likes her, but I don't know about her feelings for him. She seems like the type of girl who is used to making guys fall for her and getting her way. To me, Jojo is the girl next door type, and the two of them are much more of a pair!

Okay, so maybe the way the show was edited made her seem that way, but I 'm still not convinced that she feels as strongly and deeply for him as he does her. With Jojo, you could really see the mutual emotions between the two. He loved her and she most definitely loved him. Plus, he and Jojo actually had real conversations, and she was there for him through the time he had loved ones die. Everything with Lauren was very surface level and almost superficial. Nothing seemed genuine, I guess is a good way to put it. Plus, how can one say the want to marry someone and are in love with someone they haven't even had an argument or fight with? For all he knows, she could have an insane side to her!

The bottom line, though, is after watching the whole season and seeing how the two girls interacted with Ben, I believe he would be better off with Jojo. She seemed like she'd be a better wife in the long run. It literally broke my heart seeing him reject her! :( But hey, it's their lives and relationships, so whatever floats their boats!

That's just my opinion though!  What are y'all's thoughts on the show and Ben picking Lauren? I'm very curious to know! :) 

♥ always,

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