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Pretty Little Bachelor || TV Talk

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy talking about television as much as I do! :)

Pretty Little Liars

So I want to start out with Pretty Little Liars! If you have read this blog for a little while, then you know I've been watching this show from the very beginning and flipping love it! This season is much different than all the rest because they have now jumped five years into the future, making them all like 23/24 years old with jobs, fiances, and a lot more personal issues. 

Oh, gosh - I don't even know where to start because so much has happened already! Okay, I'm just going to jump into the relationship aspect of the show. First off, good for Hanna for finding a hot Australian and for getting him to ask her to marry him. To be honest, I used to like her and Caleb together, but I think it was more than I liked their story and the fact that they were first loves. I'm more on the Australian side now. ;) Although, Spencer seems to be all for Caleb, which - ew - makes me mad. Spencer and Toby were (and still are) my number one couple on the show. They are adorable and so perfect for one another. So how they're making Spencer and Caleb get together is just not right. Now, Aria is with some guy in Boston, but I think she'll be with Ezra before she can even think twice about it!

Phew! We have all the relationships out of the way, so I'm going to move onto the drama. Of course, the show makes it seem like something happened one way so that the viewers are pulled that way, but I try to think outside the box. From the last episode, we think Aria's dad has something to do with the killing and not Ezra. Honestly, I knew Ezra didn't do anything from the moment the girls accused him. He may have been angry but not that angry. What I thought was that he was freaking out because he saw who actually did it, which we now know to probably be true. 

Although, Allison seems to have some other plans up her sleeve. She wasn't in the last episode, but for some reason, I believe she knows something we don't. Maybe she killed Charlotte and is framing others? Oh, now wouldn't that be a twist?

The Bachelor

 I most definitely couldn't talk about TV without talking about this hunk! I do have to admit that this is the first season I have ever watched this show besides the last few episodes of last season's Bachelorette. But I mean - come on - have you seen Ben? If you know anything about him - even if you've just seen his instagram - then you know this guy is literally perfection. I have never seen a guy have such respect for women and how they feel (yes, I know he's dating them all at once, but that's just the show). If you sit down and actually watch this, then you see how much of a gentleman he is and a definite ten!

With the girls on the show - I have some different feelings! I'll start with my top no-gos. If watch the show then you know my first one is for sure Olivia. From the first episode, I really liked her. She seemed genuine, fun, and just the girl next door. Then she got the first impression rose and her ego blew up like a darn balloon. I have never seen someone so arrogant and self-centered like her. Now, I do realize it's probably for TV to a certain extent, but there has to be something about her that is making the producers want to make her out to be this way. Overall, she's got to go. The other one I wasn't into actually went home last episode, and that was Jubilee. There was nothing really wrong with her besides the fact she may have been a little too independent for Ben. She had her own agenda, her own rules, and she wasn't willing to play by anybody else's. She just needed to go home and find who she is before she steps into a relationship with anyone. 

For the girls I think will make it to the end, that would be Lauren B and JoJo! I absolutely love those two. Lauren B is just so sweet, loving, and always wanting to have a good time. From their one on one date, you could definitely tell the chemistry was there. Also, during one of the cocktail parties, he took her off and they did their own thing for a little bit. How could someone say he doesn't like her?! With JoJo, I just love her personality. She's someone I could see myself being best friends with. That does worry me a little because he may feel the same way and not see a romantic connection, but I feel if they have more time together, then they could definitely hit it off! 

Okay, wow - I could probably continue on about both of these shows for much longer, but I'll go ahead and stop there! If you watch either one of these, please be sure to tell me your opinions! Do you like Spencer better with Toby or Caleb? Who do you think is the new A? What are your thoughts about Olivia and Ben? Who's your top pick for Ben to choose? 

Can't wait to see what happens on PLL and The Bachelor next week! :)

♥ always,

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