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It's the Little Things ♥


Hey everyone!
The pass few days have been super cold and rainy, and I just thought I would write this post to hopefully brighten things up again! These are the little things that make me the happiest! :)

The number one thing that makes me the absolute happiest is writing. Whether it's writing a story or a blog post, I love it with all my heart. I guess that's why I want to do it as a career!

reading a new book
Going hand in hand with writing is reading. There is nothing like coming home from the book store and cracking open a new book! 

my puppies
If there's one thing I can count on to make my day better, it's hanging out with my pups. They are always excited to see me and make me feel loved. 

taking photos
This is something new for me, but I have found a real love for whipping out my camera and taking photos. There's just something about being able to express so many thoughts and feelings within a single photo.

Oh girl, do I love me some coffee. And if it isn't coffee, then it's hot chocolate!

Don't ask me why but I have a weird obsession, but honestly, don't we all?!

sales at bath and body works
Well, if I'm going to go out and buy all those candles, why not get them on sale? Especially the $12 three-wick candles!

Okay, but really - what's could possibly be bad about baking?

taking walks
I absolutely love taking walks through the park on a nice sunny day. If my pups are able to come along, it makes it even better!

diys that actually turn out right
I'm up for crafting as much as the next person, but more times than I'd like to admit, my diys don't turn out as they're supposed to! 

binge watching shows
If you have a netflix account, then you know what I'm talking about!

good hair days
It's rare that these happen, but I certainly love it when they do!

driving around with the windows down
I don't know what it is, but blasting my music with the windows down during the summer time is just amazing. Definitely a good stress reliever if you ask me!

social media
Weird but true! People have a lot of bad things to say about social media, but I love being able to connect with people all over the world. I know I shouldn't be on it as much as I am, but I can't help it!

this blog
I definitely love having this little place to call mine! The world a big place, and I like being able to come here to tickled greene and share my crazy thoughts with y'all! :) 

Now, I could probably allow this list to be miles and miles long, but I'm going to go ahead and stop it there! I'd love to hear what makes each of y'all happy as well! 

♥ always,

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