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New Year, New Blog || Big Blog Changes

Hello everybody! :)

So if you have been checking out and reading my blog recently, you may have noticed a really big difference that happened! Well I may have kind of sorta changed everything! 

Over the past few months, I was feeling a little off about my blog - the name, style, and how I feel it represented me. It just wasn't right. At first, I was really nervous to make any changes, so I pretty much just left it and told myself that it's fine. But when the new year hit, I decided I just needed to take the risk and make it how I wanted! And that's what I did!

Because I definitely didn't want to lose all my past posts that I have worked so hard on and that have so many memories attached, I made the decision to stay put in blogger and make the changes with in. I began with figuring out a name, which is now Tickled Greene - you know - like tickled pink, but my name is greene? Yeah, it actually took a long time to come up with that! ha :) Next came the choice to finally buy a domain name! I have no idea why I never did that before either, but I'm really glad I did! So I am now at tickledgreene.com whoop whoop! Lastly was the whole new look of the blog I picked - very simple and elegant in my opinion! 

This is actually a really big deal for me though because I have been Sparkle and Shine for actually two years this month. But I just didn't feel that my blog represented who I am and what I wanted it to be! Hopefully, this change is going to make things more fun and turn out to be a positive experience! 

Thank you all for being a part of Sparkle and Shine - now let's party it up with Tickled Greene! :)

♥ always,

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