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How To Survive the Holidays!

Oh my goodness! I can't believe Christmas is less than two weeks away! That's crazy! I still haven't even bought gifts for everyone yet. Oops! Although, we all know that with Christmas comes more than gifts and fun - it comes with our insane family. They're the family we can't live with, can't live without. Sometimes we just need a few tips to help get us through those times we have to spend with our family, and lucky for you - that's exactly what I have! :) 

Oh, and if you have any, be sure to share them too! 

1. Don't be afraid to take a break and check the social media! I mean how else are people going to know your Christmas is going amazing? 

2. Team up with your cousins/siblings because you are all having to suffer your grandma's terrible cooking and your uncle's not-so-funny jokes. 

3. Occupy your time with food at the table! You can't talk to your relatives with a mouth full of food, now can you?!

4. Sometimes it's best to just be straight forward and shut down at the questions [stay polite though!!] We all know how that can go if you don't! Yes, grandma I'm in school. Yes, I'm still dating the same guy. No, I don't do drugs!

5. If all else fails, then alcohol may be the way to go [only if you're of age !!]

But hey, always remember that no matter how crazy or insane your family is - they are you're family! You can't help but love them regardless!

Happy holidays!

♥ always,

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