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December Photo Challenge || Days 1 - 8

Hello everybody! :)

I'm sure you have all seen those various challenges people do on their instagrams or blogs, where you have to post a picture of something different every day! Well, I've decided to do that but kind of put some of the days together. This month gets very busy for me, and I don't want to end up missing any days because of that! Plus, I find it might be more interesting if I put multiple pictures/days in one post! 

Anyways, I found a few different December/Christmas challenges and have combined them to make my own! These posts will continue one until the end of December as well - not just until Christmas! Now, I hope you enjoy, and let's get on with days one through eight! 

Dec. 1st: Selfie

i've never been one for selfies :/

Dec 2nd: OOTD

jeans (forever 21), sweater (H&M), and scarf (charlotte rouse)

Dec 3rd: Nails / Nail Polish

love these!

Dec 4th: Scarf

tried to be cool and make it the shape of a heart!

Dec 5th: Favorite Ornament

i love my little owl on top of my tree! he's so cute :)

Dec 6th: Ugly Christmas Sweater

i still don't know why i bought this! hah

Dec 7th: Fireplace

i'm always down for a night by the fire

Dec 8th: Sparkles

love my sparkly eiffle tower :)

All right, so there are the first eight days! Be sure to keep an eye out for the next post, which should be days nine through seventeen! :)

♥ always,

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