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December Photo Challenge #2 || Days 9 - 17

Here are days nine through seventeen! I hope you enjoy! :)

And if you missed part one or want more info, click here for the post! 

Dec. 9th: Holiday DIY

I actually haven't done many this year, so I found one of my favorites on pinterest! Here's the link for it!

Dec. 10th: Wish List Item 

They count as a Christmas present right?! ;)

Dec. 11th: TBT Childhood Photo

These is me with one of my absolute favorite gifts! I mentioned it in my Christmas favorites post, but this is literally a huge highlight in my childhood!

Dec. 12th: My Family

This is me, my brother, my older sister, and niece last Christmas! Yeah, I had red hair then - crazy right?

Dec. 13th: Holiday Mug

I bought this mug this year, and it's probably one of my favorite mugs out of all the ones I have (and I have tons!)

Dec. 14th: Winter Wonderland

I live in the south, and it's very rare for us to have a winter wonderland! Thank goodness tumblr is full of them!

Dec. 15th: Candles

Loving this candle for the holidays! 

Dec. 16th: Christmas Cookies

Cookies do not last long enough in my house for me to take pictures, so again - let's thank tumblr for being stocked full!

Dec. 17th: Black and White

What could be better than a quote from Elf - one of the best Christmas movies!

♥ always,

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