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Red, White, and Not Christmas-y Enough? || Seasonal Starbucks Cups

Hey y'all! :)

So as you can tell by the title - I'm going to be giving my quick two sense on this whole Starbucks Cups they have for the holiday season. I have been seeing so much about this topic, and honestly, I'm kind of confused as to why? Why in the world are people getting that upset over red cups - red cups!?

Apparently, people are saying that the fact that Starbucks removed the "Christmas-y" part of the designs is only to be politically correct, which they could never support. Really? So you aren't going to buy any Starbucks drink during the holiday season because it isn't Christmas-y enough for you? To me, that just sounds like an excuse to be stupid, and I can almost guarantee you that Starbucks will do just fine as a business without you buying their coffees. And are you just going to go right back to buying from them when the season's over? Is the coffee going to taste drastically different when it isn't in a plain red cup anymore? 

Honestly, I believe that Starbucks just wanted to change things up (as businesses do every year) and decided to have a more simple design approach. It has a red base, white top, and a green logo. Those are literally the Christmas colors. If they were really trying to be "politically correct" they would have included colors of all the holidays or designs/symbols from all holidays. 

Again, I just think that this is just a dumb excuse to start drama and get people to talk about them. There are many more things to talk about and put energy into. Personally, I'm going to gladly buy my overpriced tall latte and enjoy it in my bright red cup! 

I would really love to hear what you think and if you agree that this whole thing is just dumb though! 

♥ always,

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