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Slow & Steady Wins the Race || Snail Mail Experience

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is having an amazing day. :) 

For today's post, I am going to be sharing my first ever snail mail experience! If you have never heard of what snail mail is, it is a little thing that a fabulous blogger, Gemma, does, and she pairs each blogger that signs up with another. Over a course of a few weeks, you get to know your partner and eventually send each other packages. I believe the next sign up is at the end of this week, so if this sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend checking it out! 

For my partner, I got the cutest person ever! Her name is Archita, and she runs the blog Simple Little Things all the way from California, which I definitely suggest you check out as well. While emailing back and forth, she was just the sweetest thing, and I really hope to keep in touch in the future! Now, you may be wondering about the biggest part of this whole snail mail thing - the package!

Well, here's a little peek at what I got! 

She made me such an adorable little quote board with a T.Swift quote, and included everything in such a cute sunflower box! I just loved how it all was so bright, summery, and perfect for ending the season out right. I mean who doesn't like bubbles and chalk? There were also some food bits, but your girl loves her food, and may or may not have eaten it already. Oops! None-the-less, it was fun getting to open the box and receive all these bits and bobs, and I know I'm going to use every single one! 

So, if you are still on the edge of whether or not you should participate in the next snail mail, I'm just going to say that I really suggest you do! It is a great way to meet some new people, maybe learn about a different country/culture, and get lots of goodies on top of that! Tell me that doesn't sound like fun? :)

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post and have a beyond fabulous rest of you day! 

♥ always,

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