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A-B-CeCe || Pretty Little Liars Reaction

[Yes, there are spoilers in this. Yes, you should click off asap if you have not seen the summer finale of PLL.]

Okay, y'all. It's be awhile, and I am still in total shock of the whole ending and face to face thing. Like what in the world happened? After watching this show for so long since the beginning, I always pictured in my head what finding out who A is would be like. It went something like the four liars were doing something then all of a sudden the clues all clicked and everyone would just kind of figure it out together. It would be sort of similar to an ending of a CSI episode...does that make sense? 

I never imagined just being handed all the information on a silver platter like we were. Almost as if the show was holding in so many secrets and it just busted at the seams because it couldn't hold it in any longer. Honestly, it caused a bit of disappointment. I felt I was given the answers to a puzzle before even having the opportunity to give it my last try. Everything just happened too fast and too easily. I don't even know if that makes sense either. The the creators could have definitely spilled the beans in a much better way, but that it's not all I want to talk about.   

Firstly, I do have to admit that my mom and I are avid watching meaning we have had our own theories for quite some time. Our most recent was that whoever Charles was wasn't a boy anymore because of Mrs. D buying two dresses at one point. We also figured Sarah had something to do with it considering she just showed up and never left. So we should get some props for that! Although, we never guessed CeCe to be the mastermind behind it all. 

In the start of the series CeCe was always a suspicious character for many reasons. One of the major reasons being that she was found by the liars wearing a red coat. Instantly, the liars thought she was A, which meant most likely they were wrong because it would be too obvious. Right then, I scratched her off my list, and the character quickly left the show. Or so we thought. 

As the show went on, more and more suspicious characters came and went, all being accused of being A. That only caused more and more A theories and definitely more confusion. For me, I always expected the creators of the show make A someone we never saw coming. Someone we trusted through it all. Someone that would have a motive. Except it was CeCe, and she didn't fit any of those. We always had a weird hutch, no one trusted her, and apparently she had no motive. 

That brings me to my next annoyance. How in the world are the creators supposed to expect us to believe that CeCe did everything she did to the girls just because she liked playing games? That's it? She had no real motive whatsoever. She was just "addicted" to playing the game and making the liars squirm? She killed many people and almost killed them multiple times, yet it was all just for fun. I have a VERY hard time believing any of that. There has to be a bigger reason as to why she did everything she did for so long. 

Now, okay - we did receive a lot of answers from CeCe, but there are still tons we need. Like I said, why she did it all is one of them. Where did Sarah come from? Why did CeCe want to make it seem like Sarah stayed in the bunker for two years? Who killed Mrs. D? What's CeCe going to do now? How did Charles become Charlotte so easily? What happened to Mona when the girls left? Why did Mr. D lie about everything and want to get rid of Charles so badly? Where did CeCe get all the money to travel? How did Mrs. D cover her money tracks? What in the world happened to the moms in the basement?!

Hopefully, all the answers will be given when the season starts again. Although, I feel a little uneasy about the new season being five years in the future. Why couldn't it have been like one? It's going to be weird thinking about them all in their twenties. I do have to say that if Aria isn't with Ezra by then, I might hurt someone. Also, Spencer better be with Toby or I will really hurt someone. #Spobyforever. ;)

Well, that was longer than expected! Please, please, please comment down below with what you thought because I would love to hear. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Are you even excited about the next season? Let me know, and have a fantastic rest of your day!

♥ always,

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