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Smell it, Rub it, Diffuse it - Essential Oils

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I know what you're thinking right now...that I am about to go on and on about some weird remedy thing that is supposedly going to help all your problems. Ha nah...I'm not....well maybe! Now, essential oils are most definitely not some silly remedy made up by an old lady down by the swamp. They are simply oils that allow you to heal naturally with what mother nature has blessed us with. Let me go a bit more in depth!

So what are essential oils?

Essential oils are oils that have actually been used for thousands of years and come from the oils extracted from the plants themselves. They have been used to purify the home, enhance the physical well-being, and even help with keeping in a positive mind set.  

Why would I use them? What are the benefits?

I could give you an endless list of all the benefits for using various oils, but I'm not sure either of us have enough time for that. I will give you a few of the most popular oils that are used throughout. The one I believe everyone knows about is lavender and its ability to calm the mind and body, which most people use to help them go to sleep. Lavender is also used for burns. I can even say first hand that I rubbed lavender on a burn I got and it stopped stinging as well as healed so much faster than it normally would have. Another common oil is peppermint, which helps with the mind and your ability to remember better. I know as a student, I use peppermint most often before a test in school to help remember the study material. Lemon/lime are also other oils used a lot, mostly to help with happiness and getting a jump start to the day.

Now, those are just four of the different oils and the benefits that have for the body. Various companies are selling so many more types. Each one having a different positive effect on the body!

How do I use them?

A lot of you are thinking okay, I get that the oils are good for you, but how should I use them? Well, that's easy. There are two different ways to use essential oils, which include smelling or diffusing and rubbing. To smell the oil, it is recommended to use a diffuser to put the oils into the air, but smelling it straight from an open bottle does just as good. For rubbing or topical use, the oils can be directly applied to the infected area or placed in areas such as the back of your neck, wrists, or feet. 

I have noticed that some oils may be strong or very potent, so you can also add the oils into coconut oil to dilute it. It keeps all the benefits, just not as potent smelling as it would be alone. 

So how do you feel about essential oils now? Are you convinced yet? Well, if you are there are many companies that sell them, so don't be shy in trying the oils. The brand I recommend looking more into and possibly purchasing from is Mountain Rose Herb. You will be able to see more of the various oils as well as the prices! Trust me, oils aren't just for hippies anymore! You will notice a big difference in every aspect once you take the plunge and purchase them for yourself! :) 

♥ always, 

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