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Right Now I Am...

Right now I am...

feeling bored, hungry, nervous, all the above. It's about 7:25 pm and I haven't had dinner, which is totally my fault considering I ate a bit too much nutella about an hour ago. Oops. I've also been in bed watching shows/YouTube since 3 pm because I finished work early today and I have nothing to do since it's been thunder storming all day long. Lastly, tomorrow is the first day of summer classes, and I am slightly nervous about how the semester is going to go, how hard the class is going to be, and the first day of a semester is always a bit nerve-racking. 

thinking about what I want to eat for dinner to be honest. This girl loves her food, and it's on her mind most of the day. Also, I keep going through a list of things I need done before I leave tomorrow for class. Gas and a pencil being at the top of that list!

wearing shorts just out of the dryer [#yaaassss #bestthingEVER], a t-shirt from some BBQ place in Mississippi, and a jacket from Tj Maxx. Yes, it is definitely summer in the south, but I like to be all cozy when I'm chilling at home. 

listening to the rain falling outside my window and the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on my computer. I have no idea why, but I have been loving this show. It started out as just curiosity and turned into me almost done with the first season. Please let me know if you watch it too because I honestly feel like the only one!

wanting food! I told you...I love me some food! 

smelling my three completely different candles burning around my room! I am literally obsessed with buying candles at the moment, and for some reason, I felt the need to burn multiple candles all at the same time. There's a island margarita candle, a blood orange mojito candle, and lastly, a rose candle! Such a weird combo,

needing something to eat [sorry] and this rain to stop because it has been raining since yesterday. I am such a fun in the sun type of girl! 

writing the end of this post! Ha see what I did there?! I know I'm clever...sometimes. :) I know this isn't like a super fun and exciting type of post, but I actually enjoy reading things like this from other bloggers! I hope you all have an amazing rest of your day, and I'm going to go find me some thing to eat since I've only talked about it the whole time! Maybe some pasta will be good! ;)

 ♥ always, 

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