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Blackjack || My 21st Birthday

This post is going to have two parts - one: 20 things from being 20 and two: cute pictures and a nice summary of my birthday! Sounds exciting, doesn't it? ;) Might as well get started then!


20 things from being 20:

THREE of my favorite songs: 

Wonderland by Taylor Swift

Act My Age by One Direction 

Don't by Ed Sheeran 

FOUR of my favorite shows:

Pretty Little Liars


The Royals 

THREE of my most embarrassing selfies (that have NEVER left my phone!)

THREE of my favorite moments:

One Direction Concert

Seeing Downtown and going to all the various museums

Spending all summer long by the pool

FOUR of my favorite pictures:

THREE things I want to do this year:

Publish a book

Spend even more time with my family and friends

Be more positive!


Yeay for lists! Now, it is time to share some of my oh-so-wonderful pictures from my birthday! In case you're wondering (because I know y'all are just dying to know)...yes, I did order my first legal drink and yes, I had more than one! It's what you're supposed to do, okay!? :)

Most pictures ended up on a disposable camera, so I don't have many digital! I still think all these are super cute though. :) I seriously had the most amazing birthday, and I can't wait to see what being 21 has to bring (besides being an actual adult)! 

♥ always, 

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