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Spring Break || Expectations VS Reality

So as I type this out, I am sitting on the deck of our condo looking down on the ocean waves coming in and washing out. It's the glorious time of the year where every one is on their Spring Break and have packed up their belongings to make the long treacherous drive down to the beach. They spend all the money they have on the rooms, food, and alcohol. Fortunately, I came down with my family, so not as money was spent this year! 

However, as I get older, I have noticed an ongoing pattern with my Spring Breaks, ones no one can ever seem to break out of. They have went to unfortunate mishaps to something we come to expect to happen to at least one person in the group. Those said occurings are what I like to call...


Let me go through some examples:

Expectation: You're all going to save and split the money owed evenly between everyone in the group. 

Reality: At least one person spends all their money or doesn't come with any at all, and you have to be the one to make up for it.

Expectation: You are going to lay out, get a nice tan, and come back to gloat to all your friends.

Reality: You forget to put on sunscreen/tanning lotion and get burnt on the first day, so the rest of your trip is beyond painful.

Expectation: You go to the grocery store to buy food to make meals throughout the week, that way you save money and don't spend it all on restaurants.

Reality: All the food is eaten within the first day or so, and you all waste money on fast food because it's all you can afford.

Expectation: You buy tents, towels, umbrellas, and all kinds of other things to make your trip down to the beach even better.

Reality: Either you forget to bring it or one person gets stuck carrying all and it ends up being the person who didn't even want it in the first place.

Expectation: Everyone plans going down as one big happy group.

Reality: The group ends up splitting up constantly because there are too many fights between people.

Expectation: You go to have fun and enjoy yourselves!

Reality: You spend all your money, you're burnt, and have a little less friends, but hey, at least you were at the beach!

Now, I can bet this all has happened to most of you over multiple Spring Break! If I'm right, give a hell yeah! Ha nah you don't really have to [unless you want to]! Regardless of reality though, I do hope that everyone has an amazing break, and if you already had one, then I hope it was amazing as well! :)

♥ always, 

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