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Partly Sunny Skies || Life Update

I feel like I have been a little bit MIA during March and April. I don't know. I just got so busy with school (ugh...end of the semester crap), work, and all kinds of other things! I'm really sorry about all that, but sometimes my blog gets put on the back burner, which really sucks. I love blogging, and I always feel like somethings missing when I don't post anything. Trust me, I'm planning on a ton of things for May, so definitely be on the look out for that! 

First things first though, for today's post, I thought I would do a little update for y'all! Like I mentioned before, I have been pretty busy with some stuff, so why not tell y'all? :)


I guess I can start with the bad and just get it over with. I have been extremely off the charts stressed with school and what I want to do. I am technically a junior and only supposed to have one year left until I graduate with a teaching degree. HA! Yeah, right. That is so not going to happen now that my schedule got all screwed up and I have to take a whole spring semester just to have two classes that wouldn't fit into my schedule in the fall. That frustrates me to no end. I'm now going to graduate in five years instead of four. 

On top of that, I don't even know if I want to be a teacher anymore. I have always told people that I wanted to be a teacher since I was about seven or eight, so when I got to college I just figured I'd go forth with that. I never really put any thought into it...until now. I have become really unhappy with teaching and the program so far, and I have fallen in love with writing, blogging, "YouTubing", and being creative. The thing is that there is an tiny chance that I could ever make a job out of any of that, and there's more security with teaching (not much but more). I'm at the point where I don't know if I should just continue or switch.


On a lighter note, I just recently had spring break and went down to Florida! It was a MUCH needed break from reality. My family, boyfriend, and I all drove down to Florida for that week and just had fun. We went to restaurants (Another Broken Egg Cafe is A+), shopping, and most importantly laid out on the beach with our toes in the sand. It was perfect and so relaxing. Unfortunately, I did get a burnt nose, forehead, and shoulders...I can only remember to apply sunscreen so often, okay?! It practically comes with the territory though! Anyways, here are some pictures I got while down there!


The weekend we got back, my boyfriend and I decided to go downtown to ride the Ferris Wheel! Of course, we had a good time because both of us always love going downtown because it's just a nice change of atmosphere even it was rainy when we went. :) I did take pictures down there as well! I know our selfies are just the best you've ever seen!


Now, I am just studying my butt for finals and doing what seems to be a bajillion projects before the spring semester ends! I would be happy that's it's almost over, but that just means that the summer semester is going to start in a few weeks...blehh! Did I ever mention how much school sucks? I even dropped my phone the other day and the screen completely smashed. It's so bad that pieces are falling out and I had to tape it. I have had phones over the course of eight years so far, and I have never smashed a phone like this ever! What makes it worse is that I still have to pay off the stupid thing. So not happy! 

GOOD NEWS THOUGH! I am going to be turning 21 tomorrow! WHAT?! I know. It's crazy to me too! When I was younger, I always saw people who were 21 and thought that the age was so far away, but it's now only a day away! I will officially be able to buy alcohol legally...which is ironic because I've never drank in my life...oops! Do expect some kind of birthday post soon though! :) 


Well, there you go! You're all caught with how the past couple months have been going. Pretty exciting, huh? I know...I'm just a wild and crazy 20 year old, aren't I? ;) 

Hope you all have an amazing day! 

♥ always, 

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