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The Best from Hanna Marrin [PLL]

If you watch Pretty Little Liars, or have at least seen an episode or two, then you know that Hanna Marrin is pretty much the best character on that show. I have loved her since the very beginning! She is just so witty and relatable, it's almost ridiculous. To prove it, I have found some of the best and definitely most relatable lines she's had in the show. Yes, there are so many more, but Google searches only go so far!

See? Is she not amazing? I swear I have said or thought more than half of these things before, and don't lie because I know you have too! Also, if this doesn't convince you to watch PLL, then you need help. Everybody needs to watch this show considering it's flipping fabulous! :) If you do watch the show, comment down below! I love chit chatting about things like this! Also, what's your favorite Hanna quote? 

♥ always, 

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