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My Reaction to PLL #BigAReveal

I'm warning you right now because this has quite a lot of spoilers, so don't read if you haven't seen the #BigAReveal! 

Okay, so I'm going to start off with the four girls all going to jail. What the heck? They just assumed they were a part of the murder, so automatically they get sent off? I think that was just a way to let A get them all together at one time because that's dumb. The girls should at least had a warning or something. That town's police force sucks! 

Secondly, that dollhouse crap scares the flying flitters out of me. At first, I was extremely confused as to why A would bring them back to their homes [as I'm sure everyone else was too]. Then when Hanna began banging on her door without her mom coming to help, I started to think something wasn't right. I mean how could have A gotten in all the houses to change everything anyways? That's when the girls noticed the concrete blocking them in, and it made sense. They were trapped in a place made to look their rooms. Creepy AF! 

All of a sudden, a taping comes over the intercom telling the girls to follow the lighted walkway. Things just got weirder from there because the four of them walk into a room with a girl playing piano. At first, I thought it was A, but as soon as the girl takes off her Ali mask, we see that it's really...dun dun dun...Mona! Like holy cow Mona is still alive and trapped inside this crazy dollhouse place too! Did NOT see that coming! 

The episode continues with the girls playing along with A and began setting up for a fake prom. Of course, Spencer and Mona come up with a plan to out smart A. I'm honestly glad Mona is back on the show because it just brings a whole other element to the show that it was missing after she "died." Anyways, they have the strange fake prom, which makes no sense as to why they would have one in the first place. I mean, a prom? What could possibly be A's reasoning for having that? Then the girls go through with their plan, cutting the power to the place. It worked until...

...flipping Spencer stops inside a room! I have no clue as to why she stops and decides to check out what inside the room, but like clockwork...it's because the show needed a way to reveal more about who A is. So all of a sudden, Spencer begins playing a tape that shows Alison as a baby with her two brothers and mom. Okay, can I just ask when in the world they mentioned Ali having two brothers? Because I feel as though this all came out of left field...am I right? Ugh. But apparently, Spencer ends up finding out that this brother is actually...

...wait for it...


So all that time Ali's mystery brother somehow took over the role of A and is controlling the girl's for some reason. That main question on everyone's mind has to be WHY?! What is his motivation of wanting to control the girls, put them in jail, hurt them, destroy his sister's life, and so much more. Mona had a reason, but what the heck is his? It just doesn't add up to me.

Oh and the fact that A is someone that isn't even technically on the show really pisses me off. I wanted it to be someone that we watched in every episode and ended up betraying everyone! That would have been a much bigger shocker than a random character! Anyone else agree?

One last thing, I love the fact that Ezra, Toby, and Caleb are teaming up! Their banter back and forth cracks me up! Plus, it shows that Ezra and Aria should be together because he cares so much for her. The new guy that has already tried and failed with Spencer just needs to go regardless of how hot he is!

Okay, I think I'm done for now! Time to take a much needed break to collect my thoughts on the whole thing! Hopefully The Royals will be a good distraction until PLL comes back on. :)

♥ always, 

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