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Let Me Tell You About My First...

Everyone has their first dates, kiss, boyfriend/girlfriend, and Valentine's Day with a special someone that they will always remember. Some stories are more embarrassing than others, and let me tell you, some of my stories are worth a few laughs.

Let's start with my first date.

My first date was with someone that I had been friends with for awhile, maybe about two or three years. He was the absolute sweetest guy I knew, and at sixteen years old, most of the guys were [excuse my french] douches. This guy however was the complete opposite. I don't think I ever saw myself going out with him, even though one of my friends tried her hardest to get us to date, I wasn't into it. I'm sure a few of you ladies out there know what I mean. The guy was a friend and nothing more. Well, he finally took the plunge and asked me out, and me being me, I couldn't hurt his feelings and say no. Turns out that the date wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. 

He picked me up, and the two of us went to see I Am Number Four. I wish he would have at least put his arm around me or held my head, but the guy was so nervous and shy that he just kind of sat there. Turned out that it was his first date as well. In the end, it was a really sweet experience and obvious I had a good enough time to go to my junior prom with him about a couple weeks after! 

Now let's move on to my first kiss.

You all are so lucky I'm telling you this because it is one of my most embarrassing moments! Omg, okay. My first kiss happened when I just turned seventeen and went on my first date with my now boyfriend. We had just gotten back to my house from seeing Fast Five, which completely sucked in my opinion, and we were standing on my front porch. We were saying our goodbyes, you know the usually I had a good time and we need to do this again, and right after is when it happened. 

For some reason, I didn't even think he was going have the balls to kiss me on the first date considering I  had never kissed anyone before, but he did. Instantly, as he leaned in, I leaned back. I almost fell backwards before his lips actually touched mine. After that we both just kind of stood there, looking at each other and not knowing what to say. Finally I just said I'm sorry, gave him a hug, and rushed inside my house. I was such a complete idiot and to this day we can't help but laugh about it, which I guess is a good thing. 

Lastly is my first Valentine's day.

Okay, I'm not going to talk about my first Valentine's day from when I was a wee little one, I'm going to talk about my first Valentine's day when I had an actual date. Surprise, surprise, my first Vday date was my now boyfriend [he has the title of a lot of my firsts], and it was about nine months into our relationship. All throughout school, I always had to suffer through girls getting roses, chocolates, and stuffed animals at their lockers. Of course, they just had to walk around school with them too because they had to show off the fact that a guy was willing to spend a few bucks on them. It never bothered me much when I got older because I knew I was going to have just as much fun with my friends and family. 

Well, during my senior year, I was lucky enough to be able to finally share the day with a guy. It was perfect because after school, my boyfriend came over to my house to spend the rest of the day together. I made him cookies and bought him chocolates [some of his faves] and we just watched a movie. He also brought me some treats and flowers, which I still have a dried rose from as well. It was simple, yet amazing, and definitely worth the wait!

There you go! There's my first date, kiss, and Vday with my boyfreind! I hope you all enjoyed reading some embarrassing and not so embarrassing moments in my life. Love can be a funny thing sometimes and cause some of the best stories. Do you have any that beat mine? :) 

♥ always, 

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