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He's Definitely One of a Kind || Boyfriend Tag

I'm sure if you have been my post for a while or have even looked at my 'about me' page, then you will know I have a boyfriend. If not, then surprise! I'm dating some one! I don't really talk to much about him [at least I don't think so], so I thought I might do a little post just so you know what crazy kid I have to deal with every day. Plus, Valentine's day is coming up, so it fit perfectly! :) 

[btw's...his name is Michael. I don't think I've ever mentioned that on my blog before!]

When and where did we first meet?
M: At a friend's house when I was 12. (You were looking FINE.)
K: True, but I was 13! I was awkward as anything!

What was our first ‘date’ ? 
 M: Fast 5
K: worst. movie. ever.

How did we become official?  
 M: Texting late at night. 
K: Yupp! Right after prom at what? like 1 or 2 in the morning? How romantic, right?

When did you first meet my parents?
M: At a bonfire 5 months after we started dating.
K: I'm still surprised my dad waited that long to meet him!  

What was the most epic experience we had together?
 M: Going to San Francisco seeing the city and riding the ferry.
K: One of my favorite cities with my favorite person! It was perfect :) 

What is my biggest dream?
M: To publish your book.  
K: You got that right, and it's so going to come true!

What do I do when I am bored? 
M Read/write  
K: Which sounds boring in itself, but I love it!

How long do I take to get ready in the morning?
M: 30 minutes 
K: He had to ask me this when he was answering the questions, and I told him 30 minutes before church and about ten any other day. He made me sound like such a typical girl!

Name one unfortunate moment we really laughed about afterwards?
M: Our first kiss and how you messed it up. ;)
K: Oh goodness...I'm actually planning on telling y'all all about it soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

What do you think I like about you the most?
M: My impeccably sexy body, my gorgeous eyes, my flowing blond hair, the fact that I'm pretty much a perfect 10 and the catch of a lifetime, and my fantastic personality. Seriously I'm the best.
K: He's so modest, isn't he? 

What do I like to watch on television?
M: Pll, food network, and american horror story. 
K: I love how he put PLL...I've trained him so well! He's pretty spot on too! That's all I watch now-a-days.

Name a type of food I hate…
M: Olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, seafood. 
K: The lists goes on and on and on...I'm a picky eater. [oops]

We are out for dinner, what drink do I order?
M: Water  
K: Boring but true!

What is my shoe size?
M: 8/9 
K: 8 in sneakers, 9 in sandals/boots, I have big feet!

If I were to be a collector, what would I collect?
M: Books 
K: I have waaayyyy too many of them. 

What is my favorite breakfast and my favorite sandwich?
M: Cheese grits, eggs, and toast for breakfast and Turkey Tom from jimmy johns 
K: Totally forgot about the sausage but that's okay! and honestly I'm good with anything turkey/cheese or PB&J

What is the color of my eyes?
M: Brown 
K: What he meant to say was a beautiful shade of brown that sparkles in the sunlight ;)

You’re baking a cake for my birthday, what’s my favorite?
M: Chocolate  
K: Chocolate cake with chocolate icing....literally perfection

What is an unique talent of mine? 
M: that weird thing you do with your arms
K: out of all my talents, he chooses this one. What I can do is bring my arms from the back to the front over my head without letting go. He thinks I'm a freak for being able to do that!

How long are you together?
M: 3 1/2 years  
K: 4 in May!

Where is the number one place I want to travel to first?
M: Ireland  
K: There is no way he could have gotten that wrong because I talk about it constantly 

What do I like to do in my spare time?
M: Read/write  
K: Always. I love it way too much!

Where is the place I shop at the most?
K: It's pretty much my second home.

When was the first time you realized you just had to date me? ;)
M: The second I saw you I knew. I thought you were super cute, I just never told you until we were older. Haha 
K: He says this all the time but there was a period of our friendship where he thought I was annoying and never wanted to talk to me. I have a hard time believing he wanted to be with me for that long, but I guess we can roll with it! 

Well there's a little more insight of my boyfriend and I! He knows me so well, doesn't he? That's why he's mine! He's very excited to be featured on my blog like this though, so be sure to show him some love. ;)

♥ always, 

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