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6 Ideas for When You Hit that Point of Boredom

As we speak (or I type), there is an annoying winter thing going on causing the roads to be covered in ice and trees that fell in the night, leaving me stuck inside. I didn't have any class to begin with, but now I can't even go out to do anything. Not even Target. How cruel is mother nature for keeping me from Target for a day?! ;)

Because of my inability to go anywhere to entertain myself, I'm having to be very creative [kind of], and I figured why not share those ideas on how one can cure themselves from being bored? Plus, I love making lists [they're my favorite]! 

Ready? Good! 

idea one: Number one thing I go to when I'm bored is Netflix ! Seriously, if you do not have a Netflix, I have no idea what in the world you're doing under that rock of yours. It is so easy to set up an account [or steal the password from a family member/friend] and the first month is free, but trust me, you'll want to keep it. 

idea two: I genuinely love to bake when I'm bored. It doesn't matter if it's from a box or from scratch! I mean come on. Once you're done, you get to eat something super yummy. You're like killing two birds with one stone, and what's better than that?

idea three: I'm absolutely obsessed with reading! I used to loath even the idea of having to read a book. It put me to sleep every time, and I gave away so many books I just half read and never bothered to finished. Now-a-days, it's all I seem to want to do. I have read maybe four books in about a month and a half [which is a major deal considering how much school work I have]. Reading is an awesome way to pass the time and transport yourself to another world to experience something you might never be able to!

idea four: Write! Write a blog post, a short story, a poem, anything! I love to write because I have so many ideas running through my head, and I need a release. I just find writing so much fun and relaxing! 

idea five: Get lost in the world of social media. It is so easy for me to grab my laptop and log onto my pinterest, tumblr, or twitter and end up spending hours just looking at things! It's incredibly how fast time seems to fly by, and trust me...it'll fly. You'll log on and think only five minutes go by when it reality it's been five hours and already the next day! 

idea six: Do your thing, turn up the music, and dance like no one's watching! There is nothing more fun than blasting your favorite songs and creating your own little karaoke session or pretending like you made it on So You Think You Can Dance. I don't know about you, but I don't think I ever stop dancing/singing. I do while waiting for things to cook, in the car, or even during commercial breaks. ;)

Maybe after reading this, you have some good ideas as to what you can do while your're sitting at home bored! Hopefully these roads clear up and I can make it to Target at some point! Have an amazing rest of your day! ;)

♥ always, 

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