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50 Shades of Grey Isn't as Bad as You Think

 Because Fifty Shade of Grey came out in theaters the past weekend, everyone has suddenly become a movie/book critic and totally bashed the whole series. Honestly, I've read 2 1/2 [in the middle of the third] and seen the movie [special showing on the 12th...holla], and I don't see what those people do. 

This is what I see. 

When this book first came out in 2011, I was about a junior/senior in high school and was totally repulsed by the thought of something so full of sex could be so popular. I mean, my mom and grandma were both reading, which made it worse. Well, the past couple weeks, after my mom asked if I wanted to see the movie with her, I decided to read the books just because I like to read the books before seeing movies. My opinion completely changed. 

Yes, the book is full of sex [sometimes more hardcore than others] and one of the characters is involved in the dominant/submissive lifestyle, but there's a reason for all of it. If you actually read the second or third book, you no longer see a man trying to beat woman for pleasure, you see a man who was completely destroyed as a child and unfortunately found his outlet in something not-so-normal. I'm not saying I'm defending that type of thing and it's okay to beat people, but in Christian Grey's case, his mind is so messed up from his past, it's all he knows how to do. 

Also, that "lifestyle" isn't even involved in the book that much because Ana Steele comes in Christian's life and takes him away from thinking that is the only way to receive pleasure and release the pain he holds in. When the whole crazy sex comes into play, it's only when she says it's okay and that she wants it. So the whole idea of the book being about a man controlling a woman and beating her is far from true. Ana is the one in control the whole entire time. Each time they have sex, he asks if she's okay, if she's hurt, to say stop if she needs to...not once did he have any control really. 

Another thing I want to point out is how everyone keeps saying that this book is degrading woman and taking back a few steps. That's crap...total bullcrap and you know it. This book is about a man and woman who fall in love with other. It's a love story with a few extra twists in it. Like I was saying about Christian controlling Ana...she is in control the whole series. Plus, this is a fantasy world people. It is a chance for readers to escape to a different world not like their own. If you're going to talk about it being about degrading woman, then we can start talking about any book/story set in any time period before about half way in the 20th century when woman were never anything more than a pretty face and someone to clean the house. That's taking us back...not a story about two people falling in love and helping each other find who they really are. 

It's just obnoxious to see people, who have never read the books [all of them], to sit behind their computers or cameras to completely destroy the story. If you've read them and still have that opinion about it being bad and degrading, then fine...you're entitled to your opinion. But if you haven't done your research then I'm not going to bother listening/reading what you have to say because all you know is the fact that Christian Grey likes kinky sex...cool, congrats. 

If you are of a mature age and see sex as just a part of life [that everyone does] and want to read about two people falling in love with each other, then I suggest taking a look at this book. See the movie if reading isn't your thing [Jamie Dornan is very nice to look at for sure]. It's a great story to get into and I honestly think you will be surprised when you get passed the the first book. It's so much more and has so much more depth to it than you would believe! 

I would love to talk to someone who actually enjoyed reading Fifty Shades of Grey because the world just seems to be full of haters right now! 

♥ always, 

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