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What We've Learned From Taylor Swift

I used to be one of the biggest Taylor Swift fans...like no joke. Back in the day, I could have sworn every single one of her songs talked about my life, and I would listen to her first couple CDs all day err day. It was a little crazy. My Ipod shuffle was full of her songs, and they were always at the top of my most played list.

The thing is though...

I still like her songs [1989 is my jam], but as far as her as a person goes, I'm not so much a fan anymore. It's just a feel as though she is letting fame get to her, and she's still trying to play off that "good girl" thing . It doesn't quite work anymore, TayTay. Also, once she dated my love, Harry Styles, then proceeded to write her whole entire 1989 album about him [I could totally show you proof] and make fun of him in a performance and music video, I kind of moved on from her. No one disses my love and gets away with it. 

Harry >> Taylor [just saying ;)]

That isn't the point though. 

The point is that as boy crazy as the blonde chick is nowadays, she does have some good points here and there! Such as...

1. Falling in love is a rare thing and should be treated as if it means something to you.

2. That life is full of lessons you gotta learn somehow. 

3. What it's really like to be single.

4. Love isn't always easy.

5. Sometimes mean people end up being the best thing to happen to you.

6. Haters gunna hate. Just tell them to fuck off!

7. If you want it, go for it.

8. Being different is okay.

9. There are no rules in love.

10. and finally...something a little less emotional...how to have the best dance moves.

As crazy as she is, I think we all have to admit that we can't live with her and can't without her! Just imagine what this world would be with without our little TayTay. I mean we wouldn't have Blank Space to turn all the way up and sing along with at the tops of our lungs! We love you T. Swift...sometimes. ;) Keep doing what you do best and pump out those catchy singles [just stay away from writing about Harry].

♥ always, 

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