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We Keep This Love in a Photograph || Weekend Update

I think I am going to do something new for this post and write a weekend update! I love reading what other people were up to during their days off and have wanted to write one, but my life isn't as exciting! However, this weekend, I actually did something fun! Yeay! :)

If you read my Friday post then you know what I was up to that night, so I'm just going move on to Saturday!

Saturday was the day my boyfriend and I had planned on taking my niece to go hang out for the day and see a movie together. We have never taken a movie out until then, so we figured it was a nice little treat for all of us. Plus, my niece is so much fun to hang out with! 

We started out at Petsmart because I needed some Guinea Pig food, but realized it was the day they brought in the dogs and cats in for adoption. Naturally, we had to make our way over to see all the animals [which were too stinking cute]. I was so close to buying one. Afterwards, it was way after lunch time, which only meant one thing...Chipotle! My boyfriend and I hadn't had tacos/burritos from there in forever, so we were totally craving some. I don't think any taco beats the ones from Chipotle! [don't try to tell me you think otherwise because I will win that argument ;)]

 Naturally, we had to document the moment with some pictures, so that's exactly what we did. Apparently, I'm the only one who liked to smile for pictures! [#PicsInTheMazda]

Off to the movies we went, and since we had a cute little five year old with us, we went to see Paddington Bear! We actually all loved watching it, but it definitely had an interesting story line to it. And between you and me, I almost cried at a couple parts...I couldn't help it though! Paddington was just so darn adorable! 

So that was Saturday...

On Sunday, we were supposed to go into the city with a big group, but it ended up just being my boyfriend and I, which I was totally fine with. To say the day was perfect may be an understatement! 

The two of us started out going to one of the museums downtown, and if you can guess one by the picture, then kudos to you! :) Let's just say that it is a pretty well known museum known around the US, and holds the secret to a product people use all around the world. ;) 

 Once we finished at the museum, we headed across the park [another fairly well known area], and made our way to the Ferris Wheel, which I have been dying to go on for years. I was so beyond for it because like I said, I had been wanting to go on it so bad but also it was in the middle of sunset. As we went around a few times, it started out as sunset then turned into complete darkness, so it literally was perfect timing! 

I absolutely loved it, and if you have never been on a Ferris Wheel in the middle of a city, then I HIGHLY suggest it because it is beyond beautiful!

The rest of the night, we went back to my boyfriend's place and watched Let's Be Cops while all snuggled up in our pajamas. We also ordered pizza and had cookies..if that doesn't make you say yum, then I don't know what does! 

Monday was another day off because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so the two of us ended up going shopping, having lunch, then coming home and watching a Pawn Stars marathon. The night was ended with one of our friends coming over and watching Neighbors [holy moly...two words...Zac Efron.]. 

I don't have very many weekends like this, so I figured I had to share! I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my life for the past few days! What were you up to? :)

♥ always, 

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