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Pretty Little Liars [Live blogging]

[I totally forgot this was on tonight so I didn't start watching until Toby was searching behind Mona's house. Also, keep in mind that this live blogging is just an experiment. Oh and btw...there are spoilers!]

Okay, seriously...Toby in a uniform...that is some good ass stuff!

Oh SNAP! Toby found a knife. Why the heck would he not want to pick that up to see for himself?

It's Toby's knife?! Ugh...of course it is...

I honestly do not understand what the heck is going on with Alison now-a-days. It's like every episode, she keeps confusing me more and more. I don't even like her character that much anymore. 

Poor Aria. I feel like she is always getting the worst of things. I mean her parents, Ezra, now not getting into college. She should have stayed far far away while she had a chance! #AriasBreakdown

Gosh, I love Spencer! She is always the one trying to be the badass of the group! 

Okay really, Hanna? Have you not learned yet that you never go to creepy places at night BY YOURSELF!? As soon as I saw that place, I would have ran away asap! That is so not a place a pretty blonde needs to be. 

I TOLD YOU HANNAH! Like what the heck were you thinking? Now you have a f'ed up teddy bear and your car was completely searched. Hmm...I wonder what kind of other crap could have happened to your car.

Why did Spencer have to pick such a weird spot to melt the knife? Like maybe build a fire in your backyard? Don't you know that A is always following which means chances are you will be SOL.

Oh now look. Caleb's trapped and Spencer is off looking somewhere else. Ugh, why can't you people learn?! 

Um, Jackie is a little sketchy. "Don't worry...your secret's safe with me." That's the ultimate line of a sketchy person.

Took you long enough Spencer! Jeez! Do you even realize what would have happened if Caleb ended up being hurt? I would have written a strongly worded letter...that's what! 

Wasn't expecting Hanna to visit Alison. Gah, what am I supposed to think about Alison being trapped up. I mean obviously she has some good points because why would she put herself in that kind of situation (aka jail) if she was A? And clearly A still exists while Ali's locked up. I think they just want an answer, so they are willing to find one anywhere. 

No! I hate when Toby and Spencer fight. They are my favorite couple...they aren't allowed to fight with each other. It's like a rule or something, isn't it?! I do think that if Toby knew a little more than he did, then things would be much different. 

Did Jason really just kiss Hanna's mom?! WTH? No...no...no...don't kiss him again! Ugh so gross! He's like half her age! Isn't she dating a pastor or something anyways? 

OMG...if Hanna finds the two of them,...I'm going to scream!

EW! Her mom actually slept with him! How is that right?

I'm curious how Alison is going to get out of jail now! Should have seen A being involved with her still.

Well, that was a good episode, and I hope you enjoyed taking a peek in my thoughts on it! It surprisingly wasn't as exciting and thrilling as they usually are, which is slightly disappointing. I can't wait for next week's episode though! Maybe I could do another one, or y'all could suggest me doing another show! 

♥ always, 

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