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If I Had a Nickel...

If I had a nickel for every time I...

1. got caught singing and dancing in my car alone 

2. poked myself in the eye with mascara

3. stolen change from my parents

4. fallen in mud or wet grass in front of a bunch of people

5. embarrassed myself in front of my crush

6. got lost in the world of Tumblr/Twitter/Pinterest for way too long

7. failed a test I study my ass off for

8. woken up late because I turned off my alarm then fell back asleep

9. had an extremely weird/amazing dream about someone famous

10. spent too much money on something I didn't need

11. burnt my tongue from drinking coffee/hot chocolate too early

12. dropped my phone on my face while lying down 

13. taken weird selfies of myself that will never leave my phone 

14. worn my sister's or mom's clothes without asking 

15. spilled something that stained all down the front of my shirt

16. woken up from a nap and had no idea what time or day it was

17. burnt food I was baking/cooking

18. tripped over my own feet for no reason

19. read a book in less than a week

20. danced out in public regardless if there was music or not

21. embarrassed my boyfriend with my insane amount of One Direction knowledge

22. spent way too much time doodling in school rather than taking notes

23. promised to do something then completely forgot

24. accidentally shrunk a cute shirt in the dryer

25. loved my friends and family unconditionally

...then I'd be filthy rich!

If only I could actually get paid for being a weirdo sometimes, but unfortunately, I do not. I do, however, get great stories and memories from it [oh the things that go along with some of these...too funny]. Hopefully, I'm not alone and y'all have done the same things I listed above though. I could have honestly done a longer list, but I figured 25 was enough for now! :) Clearly, I'm far from perfect! 

♥ always, 

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